Many borrowers are attracted to express credits and no need to collect the necessary documents. This is advantageous, for example, when a client receives a "gray" wage and can’t count for a standard consumer credit. After all, banks are reluctant to give out loans, payments for which are up about 50% of the income of the borrower. And, according to an official statement, it is in this situation the client is. At the same time, express cash loans in an hour can solve this problem. For such kind of loan, you only need to present a passport and application form with certain personal details. Some banks may also require more and a second document - such as a driver's license and income statement. Sometimes it may be asked to fill out a questionnaire in which among other things will be given and the work place. But no collateral or guarantor is required.

With the development of information technology had appeared such service as quick cash loan online. This means that the borrower is not necessary to go to the bank in order to submit an application. This can be done on the website of the bank or credit institution, which you apply for a loan. Then, your loan statement gets to the loan officer or manager who decides on the issuance of the loan (or refusal). Thus, the borrower is able to quickly apply to multiple institutions. However, the quick cash loan online means that in the case of a positive answer, you still need to come to the bank to sign the contract and get the money.

Despite the obvious advantages, express loans have a serious drawback - it is a high interest rate, associated with an increased risk of bank. For example, the New York Bank provides such loans at 18.5% per annum, while others - from 19.9%. Just keep in mind that the amounts, that are issued under the program quick cash loan without collateral or guarantors, are well below the normal consumer loans. But, this is not about online cash services. You are not necessary to visit banks for quick cash, you can take it within reputable online credit organization, which can loan you about $1000 in few hours. Keep in mind!